A door sign

Door hangers play a massive role in helping you establish direct communication with your customers. However, their successful use depends on how you design these door hangers. If you’re new to using door hangers for your business, here are three design tips to keep in mind.

Remember Text Hierarchy

The first thing to think about when designing your door hanger is the text you’re planning to put on it. These are relatively smaller in size than the print advertisement tools. Therefore, it’s critical to be smart about how you place text on the door hanger and make the most out of the room available on the print.

A good rule of thumb is to have a clear text hierarchy in mind. It must include a massive, bold headline to grab attention, a mid-sized sub-text for essential details, and small-sized text for other information that you may need to mention about your business.

Remember to include your contact information in a relatively larger-sized text than the rest of the text on your door hanger.

Use Powerful Visuals

Despite being smaller in size, door hangers have the incredible power of catching a person’s attention. Images and visuals play a significant role in this process. Therefore, it’s critical to include highly engaging pictures and images to your door hanger that’ll instantly motivate a person to read the details and text on your door hanger.

These pictures may include your specialties, trending fashion statements, an attractive call to action, or more.

Focus on the Call to Action

A door hanger’s primary purpose is to help your business receive a much-needed return on investment through a greater customer influx. Therefore, you must pay significant attention to making a clear call to action to encourage people to engage with you and your business.

Remember to include your number, website, email, sales, and coupons in your door hanger’s CTA so that a potential customer knows what to do if they’re interested in your products or services.

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