The outside view of a home’s door with a package placed in front of it

Tired of leaving door hangers on random doors, hoping someone notices them, and proves your strategy effective? You no longer have to play this guessing game because there are a few foolproof strategies and recommendations for where to place door hangers to help them stand out more.

Try the following ideas for putting up door hangers and getting more attention from your targeted customers and audiences:

1.    On doors of members from target audiences

Don’t just place door hangers at random houses and apartments. Be more specific with who you’re targeting, looking at income, age, gender, and other information about your target audience. The closer they are to your brand’s target persona, the better it will be for your strategy.

2.    Hotel or motel room doors for easy access

Sometimes your best bet is to target guests and travelers in hotel and motel rooms, especially for service that they may not be able to find as easily. Of course, you’ll need special permission from the administration and management, but it’s worth the potential gain.

3.    At restaurants to make them pop

Again, you might need special permission to market your service or brand at another business, but if you manage to build a worthwhile alliance, restaurants and venues are perfect for sharing door hangers. Not only can they be placed on tables, or with menus, but also on bathroom and entrance doors, takeaway bags, and other locations. If you own a restaurant, there’s no better strategy than this!

4.    Hang them on public restrooms if you can

Speaking of restrooms, hanging them inside or outside public restrooms is another great trick. Not only do you provide users with some additional reading material (we all know what this means), but you also create a lasting impression on those who come across these door hangers. Way to make a splash huh? No pun intended!

5.    On shopping bags at your store or service center

Since you can’t stalk customers and place door hangers on their front doors, a great way to share information for upcoming events, sales, and other key branding and advertising information is to share door hangers with those who visit your store at any given point. Hang them on shopping bags, hand them out at entrances, put them up in changing rooms, etc. so they’re continually exposed to them.

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